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We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

T. S. Eliot


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A short insight on the Limes Germanicus

The Limes Germanicus was a line of frontier fortifications that bounded the ancient Roman provinces of Germania Inferior, Germania Superior and Raetia, dividing the Roman Empire and the unsubdued Germanic tribes for more than 200 years. At its height, the Limes stretched from the North Sea outlet of the Rhine to near Regensburg (Castra Regina) on the Danube. Those two major rivers afforded natural protection from Barbar incursions into Imperial territory.

The total length was 568 km. It included at least 60 forts and 900 watchtowers. The potentially weakest, hence most heavily guarded, part of the Limes was a small gap between the westward bend of the Rhine at modern-day Mainz and the main flow of the Danube at Regensburg. This land corridor between the two great rivers permitted movement of large groups of people without the need for water transport, hence the heavy concentration of forts and towers there, arranged in depth and in multiple layers along waterways, fords, roads, and hilltops.

Roman border defences in modern day Germany have become much better known through systematic excavations and reconstructions financed by Germany and through other research connected to them. In 2005, the remnants of the Upper Germanic & Rhaetian Limes were inscribed on the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as Frontiers of the Roman Empire.


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Travel back in Time at Biertan, Transylvania

Visiting Biertan, Romania, you can still relive the Old Days. You can wonder about villagers practicing manual agriculture, helped by animals, or admire endless cow herds dominating the landscape.
Here, the locals eat fresh and healthy food, they make their own wine and drink fresh milk from their own cow. Taking part to this spectacol of life is a unique and wonderful experience. But they also live in the present benefitting of such as high speed internet.

But in Biertan you have also the chance to visit Transylvania's biggest and most complex fortified church, a true landmark of Saxon Civilization in this once isolated corner of the German speaking World. The church is surrounded by triple rings of defensive walls and protected by 5 towers. It's view is amazing when you get closer on the road to the village. Inside the church you will discover a beautiful altar and nice vault decorations. It is the last of Saxon fortified churches built in Gothic style (15th century).


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Lumina Sacra la Catedrala Reintregirii din Alba Iulia

Invierea Domnului este un triumf al Luminii asupra Intunericului, o sarbatoare sacra care nu are inceput, pentru ca se naste odata cu Crestinismul. Pastele este sarbatorit inca din epoca apostolica.
Duminica Invierii, asa cum se infatiseaza ea astazi, este expresia fireasca a evolutiei misterului pascal trait de vechea Biserica crestina, pastrat si desavarsit de-a lungul mileniilor. Sarbatoarea Sfintelor Pasti este fara indoiala cea mai marita, imbucuratoare si solemna dintre sarbatorile anului, amintindu-ne de trecerea noastra de la Intuneric la Lumina si de la Moarte la Viata.


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O intalnire neasteptata. Frumusetea sublima a Lacrimilor.

Sublimul nu se explica. Sublimul exista. E in flori, in roua de pe iarba diminetii. In fluturii din natura si in cei din stomac. In zambetul extraordinar al unui copil. In sufletele ranite si vindecate... in amintirile si in lacrimile unei batrane Doamne.

Venerabila Doamna Renate Lücke, 80 de ani, din Frankfurt am Main, viziteaza Romania pentru intaia oara. Un munte de curaj concentrat cu eleganta intr-un ghemotoc de femeie. E la apusul vietii, fortele-i sunt secatuite, insa nu se plange, priveste inainte, merge si nu se opreste. Urca neobosita scarile la Sighisoara, ataca cu hotarare pantele la Bran si Rasnov, nimic n-o sperie, pentru ca are un tel: si-a dorit mult sa traiasca si sa vada Romania. Asteapta aceasta excursie de o viata. Nu a auzit nimic bun despre tara noastra, insa ea stie adevarul.

Despre Romania i-a povestit tatal ei, pilot de razboi, care si-a petrecut cei mai frumosi ani zburand deasupra Ploiestiului si aparand orasul de bombardierele aliatilor. Dupa 23 august 1944 este ascuns si adapostit de o familie de tarani din Silistea Dealului. I-a povestit mereu numai lucruri frumoase despre romani, iar de tara era indragostit.

Si acum aceasta batranica curajoasa coplesita de amintiri vine plina de sperante in Romania... si realizeaza ca tatal ei a avut dreptate. Este intr-adevar o tara magica, incarcata de sacru si lumina. Se bucura ca un copil. Imi marturiseste ca si-ar fi dorit sa-i fie si tatal alaturi... si ca ar fi fost tare mandru.
La aeroport... plange de fericire. Se lasa coplesita de emotii, de amintiri din vremi trecute.

Este fara indoiala una dintre acele intalniri care te marcheaza profund si a caror amintire o vei purta cu tine mereu, oriunde vei merge.


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